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Our Tax Technology professionals have decades of tax process automation and support experience. We take the time to understand and document your specific requirements before we offer the best solution that is specific to your needs and budget. We provide assistance with every aspect of Tax IT needs that you would expect from a large in-house Tax Technology Department. We specialize in IT project management, Tax product support, and Tax process automation services. To assist with your IT budget, we also provide subscription-based pre-paid plans at very affordable rates.

In addition to developing advanced user-friendly solutions, we also offer automated cloud-based ETL services to collect and preprocess your tax packages to get them ready for import to your tax software. In summary, we become your affordable Tax Technology team On-Demand.

The fact is process automation does not have to be cost prohibitive. Before acquiring new tools, let us show you a few advanced capabilities of your current tools – Microsoft Excel Power Query and Microsoft Access databases that are already installed on every business computer. MS Excel has gone through many changes in the last few years that gives it the same capabilities as Alteryx without the hefty cost. For example:

  • When utilized properly, MS Excel is no longer limited to one million rows. This means you can access significantly large files and data sources without the need for costly alternatives.

  • This powerful Finance Department tool comes with database technology and scripting language similar to the one used by Alteryx to transform data and update reports by the click of the "Refresh" button.

  • The most important and least appreciated feature of Excel is its capability to create repeatable automated solutions. Repeatable solutions save time by eliminating the need to copy an Excel to a different file and then updating its calculation formulas. When designed properly, the same Excel Workbook can be used to generate reports for all periods.

In short, process automation is a journey that requires careful planning, on-going maintenance, and technology support. To be successful, new solutions must be user-friendly and repeatable. Let us propose a solution that will transform your current process to get your work done in minutes versus hours or even days.

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