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Tax Automation Platform (TAP)

In addition to streamlining individual spreadsheet processes, we also offer a powerful solution that is based on a centralized tax data warehouse called TAP (Tax Automation Platform). TAP is a secure cloud-based SaaS (Software as a Service) data collection, transformation, and reporting platform that can used to store our clients' sensitive financial data. After development, a TAP platform can be controlled and operated by our clients or the Tax Technology, LLC staff. Our cloud-based solutions are hosted by Microsoft on a highly secure and redundant Azure platform that is also used by the fortune 500 corporations. Clients who take advantage of TAP can benefit from automated data import, cleansing and transformation. Then, the imported and reconciled TAP data immediately becomes available to our clients' automated tools like Alteryx, Excel Power Query, Power BI, etc...

Because TAP prepares the financial data for import to any tax application like Corptax, OneSource, Vertex, etc..., TAP can also be used to reverse-map the tax data back to its source such as the GL or the sub-ledger. This feature can significantly reduce the time needed to answer State notices and Federal audits.

In summary, we design our solutions to streamline a Tax Department’s big and small recurring processes:
  1. Our proven technology will significantly reduce the transformation phase of your ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) process.
  2. Centralized data storage provides access to the same data at different levels of details for different needs. For example, the trial balance that is prepared for the compliance process can also be summarized to produce Executive Dashboards and trending reports. If you are using tools like Power BI or Tableau you will love this feature of our platform.
  3. Because automation reduces your data cleansing and transformation window, your preparers will now have time for better analysis and planning.
  4. But most importantly, our Tax Technology team will always be with you whenever you need help with anything that we develop or any other tax application.
TAP Solutions Diagram TAP Solutions Diagram TAP Solutions Diagram

Below are a few examples of other services Tax Technology, LLC offers. Our service offerings are flexible and highly customizable to meet our clients’ specific needs. Please Contact us to discuss your specific automation solution.
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At Tax Technology, LLC, we are proud of years of design and implementation of outstanding automation solutions. At our core, we are IT automation experts who also have tax Compliance and Provision experience. We take pride in our approach of developing sophisticated but simple to use products at very affordable cost. While we believe in the power of Alteryx, we have proven Excel-based automated solutions that are as powerful as Alteryx without commitment to $5,000 per user annual cost.

Hyperion SmartView/Corptax Office
If you use other MS Excel add-ins such as Hyperion Retrieve (SmartView) or Corptax Office, the possibilities of streamlining your tax ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) are endless.

ODBC Connectivity
If you have access to financial databases, we can show you how to take your automated processes to the next level without spending money on expensive new tools.
Let us implement for you
Process improvement is a journey and not a destination. Are you still using VLOOKUP to map your financial data to your tax applications? Do you still save old Excels with different names for use in different periods? If the answer is yes, you could benefit from a refresher Excel training class that we offer. Today’s Excel produces the same results as Alteryx. Whatever techniques that were cutting edge a few years ago are outdated and inefficient by today’s standards.

Tax Technology, LLC can provide remote hands-on training on topics such Power Query, Power Pivot, MS Access database, automated connectivity to various data sources, automated ETL (Extract , Transform, Load), and more...
Remote Hands-on Training
One of the services that we have extensive experience with is the general tax department operations support. Tax Technology, LLC can be engaged to offer part-time on-demand IT support for a fixed monthly rate. This service allows our clients to benefit from our extensive experience on a fixed budget and at a fraction of the cost of having their own dedicated Tax Technology team. Remote Administration
At Tax Technology, LLC we believe understanding of the problem is 50% of the solution. So, before we offer a solution, we take the time to understand and document the problem. A Business Requirements Document BRD describes the current challenges as well as the future solutions that the client expects. In general, BRDs can be very detailed. Fortunately, most Tax Technology projects do not need volumes of documentation and therefore, can be documented in relatively short period of time.

Once a BRD is signed off by the client, Tax Technology will produce a Statement Of Work (SOW) that will describe how the solution to the BRD’s problem will be designed and delivered to the client. The SOW serves as a roadmap to the solution by defining resources, funding, roles, responsibilities, dependencies, and the milestones.
What is the problem and what is the right solution?
Tax Technology, LLC associates have many years of fortune 100 experience with product and vendor selection. Take advantage of our experience and let us help you with your next market research or product selection. Acquiring the right solution to solve your specific needs can be a complex and time-consuming task. We find it painful to see some tax departments spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on the wrong products that they later alter to meet their needs.

Having the right partner, like Tax Technology, LLC, will ensure the solution that you choose will be the most effective for the job and your budget. It is also worth noting, sometimes the right tool may already be in your toolbox. Before you commit to thousands of dollars on the latest tool du jour, let Tax Technology, LLC provide you with a menu of best available options.
What is the best solution?